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This Super Simple Piping Technique Will Give You Two-Tone Frosting

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Baking is an art as much as it is a science. One of the main reasons I find it so intimidating is that desserts depend on aesthetics more than other types of foods. The intricate icing decorations and designs are part of the experience and can make or break a cupcake or cake.

Though I may not be ready to audition for The Great British Bake Off quite yet, one technique I was always curious about is how to create swirled cupcake frosting with two different colors. I’ll humbly admit that I imagined a cake icing artist with the hand coordination of a surgeon expertly weaving one color through another, but I’ve newly found out that my notion is nowhere near true.

Recently, a viewer asked TikToker @sweetsbyshanice how she pulls off the two-toned frosting, and it’s not as complicated as I thought. In her video, you can see that no extra skills or advanced degrees are needed. Just a piping bag, piping tip, plastic wrap, and two different icing colors. Here’s how she does it.

Lay your first frosting color on a sheet of plastic wrap and spread evenly using a knife. Place your second frosting on top of the first frosting and spread evenly, so that you end up with two layers of frosting. Next, roll up the plastic wrap and twist the edges to seal. Cut one of the tips off to create an opening and place your plastic wrap bag in a piping bag, opening first. That’s it. It’s truly that simple. Who would have thought?!

Carlos Matias


Carlos Matias is a writer living in the Bronx, NY. The only thing he enjoys more than food and pop culture is weaving the two together. And empanadas.

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