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The Jalopnik IndyCar Fantasy League Experienced Some Technical Difficulties. Here’s How We’re Fixing It

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If you signed up to join the all-new Jalopnik IndyCar Fantasy League, there’s a good chance you experienced some technical difficulties on Sunday just before the start of the race. Some folks struggled to get their picks selected in time, which means we have quite a few folks starting off the League on the back foot. But don’t worry — we’re going to fix that for you.

To keep things fair for everyone, we’re going to be discounting the results for St. Pete. Everyone will start the next race at Texas Motor Speedway with a fresh slate, and we’ll build from there.

However, if your St. Pete results would have resulted in you winning the overall league championship or otherwise finishing on the podium, and discounting those results means you will lose the Championship, we’ll make sure you get a gift card or discount code for the online IndyCar merchandise store. We want to make sure things are fair for everyone involved.

I want to extend my deepest apologies if you were one of the people who couldn’t get your picks selected in time — or who joined the league on Sunday and didn’t receive an invite. The IndyCar fantasy website had some struggles with the servers, which got overloaded about two hours before the race. I wasn’t able to send out any last-minute invites, and folks weren’t able to make their selections for the race because the website wasn’t loading. It’s frustrating, but such is the nature of the Internet. We’re trying to do our best to make things right for y’all.

All that being said, though, we’re extending sign-ups through this Friday, March 4 since we’ll essentially be starting over ahead of the next race at Texas Motor Speedway on March 20.

You can sign up here. And you can go back and check out the prize list here.

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