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Quick Korean Rice Bowl Recipe

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This simple and quick Korean Ground Beef and Veggie Rice Bowl recipe is full of flavor and perfect for those busy nights.

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When my husband was out of town recently and it was 100% up to me to do all the carpooling, parenting, meals, etc. (during an already very busy weekend, more on that below!), I knew I needed to make some no-brainer dinners that the kids would love. And I must admit, I even surprised myself with how simple this one was to make. I was prepared to put more work into the cooking and clean-up, but it really was one of the quickest and easiest dinners I’ve made in a while (thankfully)! Plus, we all three loved the flavors and gobbled it up.

Our Super Busy Weekend

Now, back to that super busy weekend that I mentioned. It was homecoming at our high school, and between all the festivities at the football game on Friday night (both my girls cheer) and their very first HOCO dance on Saturday, there was not a dull moment to be had! My girls loved getting all dressed up and having somewhere special to go. And after giving up so much over the last couple of years, I really appreciated how the school made an outside venue work so that these kids could all go have fun and make memories together!

Check out how grown up my children are … how in the world did this happen!? They were 3 and 5 when I started my blog in 2010, feels like a lifetime ago!

Lisa Leake and her two daughters before their high school homecoming party.

Other Rice Bowl Recipes

Bowl recipes are a great way for everyone to assemble their dinner with their favorite ingredients. Here are some of my favorite quick and easy bowl recipes that are perfect for busy nights …

Korean Rice Bowl Recipe

So, for your next busy weekend (or week), here’s that simple and tasty recipe to help make things easy on yourself. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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