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Maserati GranTurismo EV reappears in spy photos

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Maserati made it clear that it was working on a new electric sports car last year, and that it would be a successor to the GranTurismo sports coupe. The car has reappeared in these spy photos, and they give us a better look at the car than the official teaser images. The camouflage also appears to feature an additional name.

Let’s first talk about the name. In addition to the regular Maserati name, the camouflage now has another word: “Folgore.” Translated from Italian, it means “lightning” or “thunderbolt.”

Maserati brought up this name a couple of years ago when it started talking about its future electric vehicles, and it first referenced an electric version of the MC20 mid-engine sports car. So this confirms this prototype is electric, and that it will probably be known as the GranTurismo Folgore.

As for the looks, the Folgore actually looks a whole lot like the internal-combustion car it will replace. That’s no bad thing, though, since the old coupe is still a looker. The front fascia has the most obvious changes with a grille that’s more of a simple oval shape, still bearing a large Maserati trident.

The headlights are more vertical now, which helps tie it to the MC20. Looking at the rest of the car, the proportions are still very classic with a long nose and short deck, despite not needing that front-end space for an engine. The fenders are still voluptuous, and the rear lights are similarly shaped to the old car, though much slimmer.

We’re expecting to see the GranTurismo Folgore revealed this year, which is slightly later than Maserati initially planned. The MC20 Folgore powertrain previewed a couple of years ago featured three electric motors, one at the front and two at the rear, and it would likely be carried over to the GranTurismo. Power was estimated at more than the combustion MC20’s 620 horsepower.

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