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Is Walmart Open This Year for Easter?

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You hate to see it. You’ve queued up your favorite Easter recipes, and you have all of your ingredients neatly laid out. You’re getting ready to cook, and then it hits you: Something is missing. Maybe you miscalculated how much cream cheese you’ll need for your coconut lemon cake, or didn’t realize the greens you bought weeks are no longer fresh enough for your creamed spinach. Either way, you’ve got to make a run to the store and hope that that it’s open on the holiday.

If you live by a Walmart, however, there’s no need to worry if you find yourself in a similar predicament this Easter Sunday. Although several chain stores will be closed for the day, the superstore will be open on Easter this year for all your last-minute shopping needs — or if you’re just looking to stock up on snacks and candy. Most stores will be open during their usual scheduled hours, but times may vary depending on the location. So to be sure you’re not showing up when they’re closing up shop, don’t forget to check Walmart’s store locator for your local store hours.

If you’re against leaving the house because you want to avoid any possible crowds, Walmart’s delivery and curbside pickup services will also be available on that day. If you’re not near a Walmart, hopefully, you’re near one of the few Aldis that will remain open.

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