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If Marty McFly Was A Bosozoku…

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…This might just be what he’d drive.

Rudder International is the company behind this one-of-a-kind DeLorean DMC-12, a car that we came across a few years back in this very same location – the Yokohama Pacifico exhibition center – but at the Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show.

In the time since then and this year’s Nostalgic 2days event, this custom creation – which was built as a demo machine for the car reseller – has continued to evolve.


Since I first saw the bulbous stainless steel integrated fender flares, attention has been given to the rear with forged carbon louvers, a Z07-style clear deck spoiler and that unmissable rear diffuser.


The Martini Racing livery really highlights the DeLorean’s extra width.


And the addition of turbofan-like wheel covers do wonders for the overall look.


That’s because they completely hide the chrome wheels they’re attached to, an original design choice that didn’t really fit to me. Of course, wheels are subjective, but the mesh design illusion that the covers bring really does make a big difference.


Once the covers (silver on the passenger side) are off you can see just how concave they are.

Taking a closer look at the DMC-12 in its entirety, you’ll see that the one-off stainless steel aero includes a lower front bumper section fitted with a lip spoiler.


There are also chunkier side skirts – with integrated NACA ducts – to help bring the car closer to the ground.


The interior has seen a true transformation. There’s no flux capacitor or digital year/day/time panel so Marty might be a bit lost in here, but the reupholstered cabin makes this DeLorean so much more special. If you’ve ever seen what the DMC-12’s stock interior looks like, you’ll know what I mean.

The car runs an Air Lift Performance air suspension system, and its digital controller is easily accessible on the transmission tunnel.


You really get a good look at just how imposing the diffuser fins are from this angle. The fabricated lower bumper section also houses a Lexus LFA-like custom triple exhaust, of which I guess the two top exhausts are for the PRV V6 and the lower a screamer pipe for the nuclear setup.

OK, I promise no more Back To The Future references, but do stay tuned for my overall look at the 2022 Nostalgic 2days event.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare
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