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ICEE Cookies Are Hitting Shelves Soon — Here’s What You Can Expect

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For those that know me best, there’s no sense of secrecy when it comes to my love for slushy drinks. From sugary options directly from the convenience store to frozen margaritas made right in my kitchen, I will consume a slushy even in the dead of winter. So, when I heard that there was another option to soothe my frozen sugar rush all year long without freezing myself during the coldest times of the year, I was immediately ready to give it a try. The added bonus? They were a nostalgic brand that I adored as a kid.

Set to hit stores this March, the iconic ICEE brand is releasing a brand new way to enjoy their frozen treats: ICEE Sandwich Crème Filled Cookies. Made with the traditional taste of the Cherry and Blue Raspberry frozen drinks now in crème form, each cookie features two buttery vanilla wafers that encase nothing but sweet and memorable goodness.

Now if you consider yourself to be a bit of a skeptic, as someone who has had the opportunity to give both flavors a try a little early, I would like to confirm that they are an exact replication of the frozen treat you begged your parents for on that extremely hot summer afternoon in 1992. Allow me to explain.

As soon as you open either pack, you are immediately met with a sweet and nostalgic taste that will easily be identifiable to the kid in you. And don’t think that the vanilla wafers that hold the crème flavor in place take away from its goodness; they actually add to it. I mean, honestly, what’s better than two of your favorite childhood treats put together in one modern day snack? Exactly.

If you’re ready to run out and pick up the option of your choice — Blue Raspberry and Cherry come in separate packs with three sleeves of cookies each — don’t think you can just head to your nearest store to get them. When they do become available, these cookies will be sold exclusively at Kroger stores nationwide for $3.29 per pack. And since there is no word on whether or not this will be a permanent or limited-time offering, I suggest stocking up with as many as you can. You know, for those colder months when you want an ICEE, but have no desire to freeze while sipping on one.

For more information on the new ICEE Sandwich Crème Filled Cookies, you can visit ICEE’s website now.

Ni’Kesia Pannell

News & Culture Editor

Ni’Kesia Pannell is the News & Culture Editor at Kitchn. Known as a self-proclaimed Slurpee connoisseur and the Queen of Nostalgic Things, Ni’Kesia spends her spare time running her all-natural beverage business — Peach State Drinks — and binging all the old shows you can name.

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