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Brits say sex and social lives were ruined by Covid anxiety and weight gain

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A survey shows how coronavirus and lockdowns have affected our mental health, with thousands struggling to socialise, dress, dance and have sex the way we used to

One in five people surveyed said their sex drive has been ruined by the pandemic (Stock photo) (

Image: Getty Images/Cultura RF)

If the pandemic has left you a bag of nerves, you’re not the only one.

Nearly half quizzed in a survey feel they have lost their mojo after two years of lockdowns and are struggling to get it back.

A third enjoy going out again but slightly more are still anxious about socialising.

The average person admits they are 20lb too heavy. Over 40% do not feel as comfortable with their body as before and one in five say their sex life has taken a dive.

More than a quarter no longer know what to wear, what is fashionable or how to dance at a club or party.

Many of us have lost our mojo in bed since coronavirus hit (Stock photo)


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As more people go back to offices, 60% say they are not working to their full potential.

Around a quarter struggle to do things they once found a breeze – like meeting someone new or boarding a plane.

Even meeting an old friend is challenge for 24%. A similar number worry about stripping off in gym changing rooms.

Researchers quizzed 1,500 adults about the effects of the two pandemic years for food supplement HUX.

The firm’s Damien Byrne said: “It’s clear we’re not reaching our full potential as a nation and our confidence and motivation has suffered in the last two years.”

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